Getting Rid of Frustration: A Social Story

"Marvin the Mouse" talks about how you can get rid of your frustration:

This is a social story for children with Aspergers and Autism.

==> Teaching Social Skills and Emotion Management

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Does anyone know of any good social story type books for children in the early elementary age range that deal with respecting adults? I have found a few about respecting others in general, but not many about respecting authority. My 6 year old son with HFA is having issues with this at school. He has a wonderful and supportive teacher in a self contained class, but lately he has been talking back and saying he's going to hit among other threats. He is particularly upset when the other children get called out for their behavior (he comes to their defense in an inappropriate way...). Social stories generally work really well for him and I may end up making my own but thought I'd save myself the work if I could find one already done :)

Any advice or references would be appreciated.

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