Aspergers Meltdowns: Tips for Parents

Billy, a child with Aspergers, tells parents what to do when their child has a meltdown:


Anonymous said...

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Parenting Aspergers Children - Support Group Note: You have to have a sense of humor for this one :)

Brandi Rahill I love it! Sharing now =)
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Chris Peters this is AWESOME!!
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Susan Trickey Borick thank you!!
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Beverly Sander Well done!!
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Megan Daoust LOVE IT!!!
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Anonymous said...

My 15yr old son has adhd and aspergers and he laughs about everything ...he even laughs at us when we are disciplining him ...what do i do?

Anonymous said...

This is so true!! When my son has a meltdown, it really helps BOTH of us to stay very calm and focused. It is hard at times, but very doable.

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