Sponge Bob Talks About High-Functioning Autism

Sponge Bob talks about how kids with high-functioning autism and asperger syndrome can build a strong sense of self-esteem:

How To Be Bully-Proof This School Year: Tips For Kids With Autism

Kids with Asperger's and High-Functioning Autism sometimes get bullied at school. But there are ways to make yourself bully-proof. Here are 10 anti-bullying strategies to keep you from becoming a target this school year:

==> Teaching Social Skills and Emotion Management: Help for Children and Teens with Asperger's and High-Functioning Autism

Aspergers Traits That Come In Handy On The Job

Got Asperger's (AS) or High-Functioning Autism (HFA)? No problem! There are a lot of AS and HFA traits that come in handy on the job. 

5 Things Teachers Should Know About Students With High-Functioning Autism

I'm your student with high functioning autism, which used to be called aspergers syndrome. As my teacher, I have 5 things that I would like for you to know about me. These things may help you teach me better: 

==> Teaching Social Skills and Emotion Management

This Is Why I Like Having High-Functioning Autism

A social story about the benefits of being on the autism spectrum...

Having high functioning autism (or Asperger's) has its benefits. There are more positives than negatives, regardless of what you think or what you may have heard.

==> Teaching Social Skills and Emotion Management

I Hate Meltdowns: My Asperger's Dilemma

A social story for kids on the autism spectrum: Albert, a boy with Asperger's (also called high functioning autism) explains what a "meltdown" is - and why he has them!

==> How to Prevent Meltdowns and Tantrums in Children with Aspergers and HFA

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