Using Public Restrooms: Social Story for Children with Aspergers and Autism

Here's a social story for Aspergers and Autistic kids about "using public restrooms":

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Anonymous said...

Louise June Foulkes my son holds himself til he gets home as when he went to school they used to bully him grrrrr
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Cindy Mohammed Abril my son does to
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Betty Rossborough-Nichols My son is 26 and still won't use a public bathroom. We use to stop after school at the library since it was a totally private handicapped single bathroom.
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Shirley Kloberdanz-Arendt My grandson has a problem with the sounds of the toilets flushing. The automatic flushing toilets are the worst.
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Anonymous said...

My aspie son is 7 he won't use public restrooms that have the automatic flush in the toilets. I have shown him and explained to him that they will not hurt him but he will not use them.

Unknown said...

Try bringing post it notes with you to cover the sensor so it won't go off

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