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Too Much Time Playing Video Games: A Social Story

A social story for children with Aspergers and High-Functioning Autism about spending too much time on the computer and video games:

Teaching Social Skills and Emotion Management


Anonymous said...

my son loves these games,is it common for aspies to be obsessed in this area or apply to a lot teenagers,?x

Anonymous said...

My boy is so obsessed he talks about Super Mario in his sleep!

Anonymous said...

My son is 10 and has always had obsessions whether it be legos, turtles, video games. Video games and online games seem to be his #1 right now.

Anonymous said...

I thought I was alone. My son is almost 12 & builds games. He plays Roblox & Minecraft & would play them all day if he could. Then he has to tell you every detail of every bit of his game.

Anonymous said...

My aspie son is almost 12 and he is the same way....minecraft and the computer are his big obsessions.

Anonymous said...

My son loves telling me the details of Lego star wars etc. and it can be very very tedious! I watched this social story but i think the computerised voice is very unnatural. It's not all bad though, I've found that my son's expertise in games had earned him kudos in the playground! I use a timer to limit gaming times.

Anonymous said...

My aspi son is 14 and his obsession use to be mario but for some reason his obsession has turned to the football games and tim tebow. he has to play a game every night before bed with my husband or it throw his whole next day off and causes lack of sleep.

Anonymous said...

My son also has an obsessions with online games. It is the only time he is content. I was shocked to hear others mention Mincraft and Roblox. He loves those. He just turned twelve. I always feel so guilty because he doesnt have friends he wants to play with and would instead spend his time on these games.

What Are Social Stories?

Social stories” describe situations, skills, or concepts that model relevant social cues, perspectives, and common responses. The goal of a social story is to teach specific skills in a manner that is easily understood by children with Aspergers and other Autism Spectrum Disorders. The child’s improved understanding of social events and expectations that result from reading/watching social stories often leads to more effective responses from the child.

Social stories for children with behavior problems due to Aspergers and other Autism Spectrum Disorders help teach more appropriate social skills. These children don't just “pick-up” social skills, so social stories can provide a great tool in teaching a skill in a direct way.

Social stories for these children help to give them a better understanding of other people's thoughts, feelings and views. They also help the child to better predict other people’s behavior based on their actions.

Social stories present various situations in a structured and direct way so that the child can understand a situation without having to "read between the lines". Social stories are written from the child's perspective and are simply illustrated using uncluttered drawings or photographs to depict each step of the story.

Social stories can be written about many different social and behavioral situations that children encounter in the school or any other environment. Some possible ideas for social stories include:

• circle time
• getting in line
• sharing toys
• sitting in the lunch room
• taking turns on the swings
• taking turns when playing games
• or any other situation that causes confusion for the child

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