Kids on the Autism Spectrum Who Hate Change: A Social Story


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Hi, my name is Jake, and I have high functioning autism.

One very common problem for me, is difficulty adjusting to new situations.

While I love new things, like games and digital devices, I still have difficulty adjusting to a new environment, going back to school during this pandemic, getting used to different teachers, and any other changes in my daily routine.

 Even new clothes or changes in my favorite food, can upset me.

I need a steady routine, and a familiar environment, because it helps me to stay organized, and to know what to expect, or how to act. So, sometimes I stick to old habits, and that can result in obsessive thoughts, and behaviors.

While there are many reasons I don’t like change, most of these reasons have one common source. And that source is, fear! I’m afraid that I won’t like the change. 

But I need to learn to accept when things change, because as my mom told me, the world is full of changes. So, I have to learn how to deal with change now while I’m young, so I’ll be able to succeed in life when I grow up.

I may want to go to college someday. Also, I'll want to have a good job and make a lot of money as an adult. And all of those things include, change.

So, that’s my story about change. Thanks for listening, and I hope you have a great school year!

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