Social Story: Accepting "No" for an Answer

Social story on how to accept "no" for an answer...

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An Aspie's Life of Philosophy and Humor said...

While I happen to be the one with Asperger's in my family, one thing I like to remind my daughter is:

The more willing you are to accept "no" for an answer on the little things, the more likely you are to get a "yes" on the more important things. Pushing and pushing until someone gives in and says "yes" just to make you stop will only make them resent you and not want to do nice things for you on their own.

Joyangel said...

One of the biggest problems I had with taking "no" for an answer was. when I was a kid, I would look at the other kids and they would not get "no" for an answer as frequently as I would. Or get "yes" for something I would get a "No" for. And seeing that just make me more defiant to taking "no" for an answer on the grounds of discrimination.

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